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Litlle Cup 27th

At the conclusion of the 26th edition of the Little Cup, Hydros was given the task of organizing the Class C World Championships. Registration is now open.


The Little America’s Cup has been a symbol of fundamental research and technological development since 1961.

Little America’s Cup

The Little America’s Cup has been a symbol of fundamental research and technological development since 1961.

C Class

This Championship exists since 1961 and let naval engineers compare their expertise in terms of technology.

C-Class World Vice Champion

Hydros finishes 2nd and 5th of the LITTLE CUP 2013

LITTLE CUP : register now !

Pre-Entry form is already online on www.littlecup.org

Little Cup 27th

Come along in a year and a half’s time to discover state-of-the-art boats skippered by the best international crews.

Diaporama Diaporama

LITTLE CUP - C Class Catamaran Championship

HYDROcup - Petite coupe de l'America

C-Class world vice champion Hydros will organise the 27th LITTLE CUP In Geneva in september 2015

The International C-Class Catamaran Championship has been held since 1961. Since the beginning it has symbolized fundamental research and technological development with no restrictions imposed, but conducted on a human scale.

After her 2nd place in the LITTLE CUP 2013 in Falmouth, Hydros will be hosting the LITTLE CUP in Geneva in september 2015 in the spirit of the Class.

The rules are very simple: the yachts must be catamarans measuring a maximum of 7.62 x 4.20 meters, with a total sail area of no more than 27.8 m2 and a crew of two, who are both allowed to trapeze and... that's all! This simplicity is precisely what makes the class so exciting, since the yacht designers are free to explore cutting-edge techniques without any restrictions. It has also driven technological progress, notably by democratizing the use of wing sails in place of traditional rigging, consisting of a mast and "limp" sails.

The last International C-Class Catamaran Championship - LITTLE CUP was held in Falmouth in fall of 2013. The next competition will take place in Geneva (Switzerland) in september 2015. More information about the LITTLE CUP on : http://littlecup.org/


 Fly  C Class Hydros  
 Mischa and Bastiaan on C Class Hydros  flying  
 Pictures: © ADImages    

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